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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

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Ok, the election debacle that almost wasn't. The One that Wasn't Disputed, But Was Still Goddamned Close.

Fine. Let the Right take it again. And let them stack up the House, the Senate AND the Supreme Court (Can you say "3 New Conservative appointees" this term?). Let them erode personal, constitutional rights under the guise of Security. And let them dictate personal beliefs to the entire Nation. Let them further bankrupt our financial backbone, making a mockery of any Anti-Bushie who shies at the thought of a Reaganesque-size National Debt. Hell, watch W outdo even Ronny in the Spend Without Control category. And let them continue to fuck up the New Nam. We will never rebuild Iraq. We will simply move on to Iran, China, Pakistan, Mexico.


And more will die. And our Whuffie in the Global Village will approach record deficits. No one will want to play with us, not even GB. Intolerance will reign. For a while. And screw the Dems as well. What crap they marshalled for this Electoral Battle. They should feel ashamed.

We need a third party. A party of technological mobility and accountability. A party of youth and resources and energy. A party that embraces differences yet extolls the virtue of effort and conviction. And a party who treasures the spirit of the Declaration of Indepence, the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights. Rights, my friend, are what makes this cake tasty. Rights are what set us apart from the rest of the world. Well, most of it anyway. Capitalism can drive us back to being free from fear and favor, might and mayhem, lies and deception.

We need a third party dedicated to a return to the Spirit of America, not the Spirit of Exclusion or th Spirit of Godliness or the Spirit of Excrable Dirty Dealing. We need a party without binds, a party free from the corpulent conventions of the last 180 years. We need a party that isn't dominated by fat, middle-aged white guys who under tip their waiters and make racist jokes while at The Club. We need true patriots.

Reread the Declaration of Independence if you haven't done so in the past 3 years. Consider posting quotes from it around your town. Make bumper stickers and stick em. The ideas most scary to our entire political machine lie within that wonderful piece of paper. Let's live by those words and put fear back into those who would rule.


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