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Monday, January 09, 2006

Goodbye Shadowbox, Hellooooo World

Aaah. After 17 years of long, long weeks and zero social life, I'm done. Quit. Adios. Gonesville, Pee Wee. Yep, employeed #1 finally tosses the towel. I am now going out on my own, well, with my partner in life Megan, and forming my own firm: Feinex Design House. We create identity systems, graphic tools, art, fashion, friends, dynamix & laughter. My severance package will allow me to focus on business building for 9 months. Actually, I don't expect to need that much time, however, the cushion keeps my stomach from knotting. LOL>>just kidding. This is the 2nd time in my life that I have walked away from a career, only this time I deliberated for months and plotted my exit with the fervor of an OC surgeon. OC as in Obsessive/Compulsive NOT Orange County (LA or NY).

Since sharing my plan with various folks outside the four walls of Shadowbox Cabaret, my impression is that the World At Large has been waiting for me, outside the confines of my self-imposed prison, with open arms, beckoning. Every day that I run into an old contact/friend/associate, I hear the world say "See? We've just been waiting for you to come back to us. Let's play!"

And boy howdy, am I having fun.

NEXT POST: "And now begins the business of starting a business from scratch"


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